Genuine Volvo accessories
Add the finishing touches to your Volvo and lifestyle with a huge range of official accessories.

Enhance and add practicality to your Volvo

Enhance and add practicality to your Volvo by purchasing from our fantastic range of accessories for your car. You’ll find everything from storage solutions, towing equipment, child safety and in car entertainment, and a whole lot more, all Volvo approved and made for your car.

Alongside practical vehicle additions, you can also embrace the Volvo brand by choosing from a huge selection of lifestyle items such as clothing, bags, models and toys all made with exceptional quality and uniquely designed from Volvo. Contact our Cardiff dealership today to find out more about lifestyle and vehicle accessories.

£75 Intellisafe Offer

You can enhance your next journey with added peace of mind and give your Volvo the newest Intellisafe product features for just £75*.

Run-off Road Mitigation

This helps prevent the driver from leaving the road accidentally. If you stray over the outer lane marking or the road edge, it will support the driver in steering the car back on the road. If needed, it will also activate the brakes to help keep you on the road.

BLIS™ with Steer Assist

BLIS™ alerts you when a vehicle enters your blind spot or approaches fast from behind. If you drift into the path of another vehicle, BLIS™ can gently steer you back into your lane. NB. This is only applicable for cars that already have BLIS.

Oncoming Lane Mitigation

Using automatic steering assistance, this system helps the driver avoid collisions with oncoming vehicles. If they drift across the lane markings in the way of an oncoming vehicle, your car steers back.

Oncoming Mitigation by Braking

The Oncoming Mitigation by Braking is a Volvo safety world-first that can detect if a vehicle heads straight towards your car on the wrong side of the road. If a collision can’t be avoided, it will brake your car automatically to help reduce the effect of an impact.

Call us on 02920 644 300 to book an installation time that suits you.
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Exclusions apply, only available on S90, V90, V90 CC. Contact Volvo Cars Cardiff for more details.

Volvo Winter Accessories

Volvo Accessories cater to any time of year. These are Volvo Cars Cardiff’s main selection of extras to cater for your vehicle during the winter season.

Rear Seat Guard

A rear seat guard in durable laminated vinyl that is contoured to the car’s rear seats.

The rear seat guard is ideal to protect the rear seat. E.g. if you want to transport a golf bag in the rear seat, pick up the kids from training or transport animals without risking getting the interior dirty.

Effectively protects the interior against the wet and dirt. The guard is easy to install into the Isofix eyelets around the headrests and around the seat cushion.

Net, Load Compartments

A practical fabric net that prevents cargo from sliding around in the load compartment. Made of an elastic material, making it easy to load cargo under the net.

The net is installed flat on the cargo space floor, and has an eyelet in each corner that are hooked into the hooks on the cargo space floor.

Snow Chains K-Summit

This snow chain is very useful, in particularly difficult road conditions with ice and snow where winter tyres are not sufficient.

This type of chain has the advantage of being fitted on the outside and not the inside of the tyre. It does not take up the space required by larger tyres.

Another advantage is that the chain is easier to install than a chain that is installed on the inside of the tyre.

Child Seat, Infant Seat

For children up to 13 kg, newborns up to approximately 1 year old. The rear-facing infant seat, with high and well padded sides, together with the deep shape, gives optimal protection for your child.

It is easy to adjust the head restraint and shoulder belts, and the handle is simply adjusted with a simple one-handed movement.

The elegant and unique Volvo upholstery is made of 80% wool which means that your child can be seated very comfortably in the seat. Wool is not only a soft, strong and natural material, it also has very good temperature properties.

Selection of Volvo Cars Cardiff's Genuine Volvo Accessories

Volvo Cars Cardiff’s have a wide range of Volvo accessories for you to choose from. Here are just a few extras that can be added to your vehicle.

Safety & Security

Spare wheel, storage under the floor

Child seat, kick guard


Pack & Load

Load carrier, wing profile for rails

Towbar, fixed

Mat, luggage compartment, textile, reversible

Comfort & Convenience


Charging Cable

Remote start, pre-conditioning, car key

Tech, Sound & Wheels

Multimedia system, RSE, two screens, with two players

Cruise Control

Hub cap kit

Call us on 02920 644 300 to enquire about any accessories listed here and many more.

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