Polestar Upgrades

Polestar is Volvo Car Group’s performance road car brand. It was founded by Polestar Racing, today known as Cyan Racing. Polestar’s birth was a result of Cyan Racing’s race engineers’ desire to explore how the technology behind the multiple title-winning success in racing could be applied to the performance of road-going Volvo cars, on all roads and conditions in everyday life.

Our engineers and technicians can enhance your Volvo’s performance, but a Polestar Engineered Optimisation is not limited to the engine – the whole powertrain is enhanced. We focus on several crucial performance areas of the cars, giving you a more precise and balanced driving experience.

Throttle response

Recalibrating the throttle response means improved feedback and acceleration reaction – ideal for overtaking or during active driving on a twisting road.

Off-throttle response (automatic gearbox only)

The engine and gearbox have been calibrated to provide faster responses when the driver suddenly releases the throttle, providing predictability and control.

Gearshift speed (automatic gearbox only)

Shift speed is increased allowing the car to accelerate faster and react more directly to driver input.

Gearshift precision and gear hold (automatic gearbox only)

Gearshift has been optimised to provide a more precise driving experience with faster acceleration. Gearshift points have been calibrated to utilise the optimised mid –range engine performance, while the gear hold function maintains the same gear when cornering with high lateral g-force.

Engine performance

All Drive-E Optimisations are made to provide greater performance in the engine’s mid-range powerband – perfect for the sporty driver when overtaking, entering a highway or exiting a corner.

AWD torque distribution

Tuned for maximum possible torque distribution to the rear wheels in Dynamic drive mode, which results in both improved control during cornering and better traction at take-off. Available for all non-hybrid AWD vehicles build for the model year 2019 and onwards.

Our optimisations are installed – in about an hour – by our trained engineers at our Penarth Road site in Cardiff. Your original warranty and service intervals are unaffected, as are fuel consumption and emission levels (g/km). Contact us today to see if your current model is compatible for a Polestar Optimisation, or to get a quote.

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